News Report: June 22 2024

June 22 2024
Author: Alton Tse
Edited by Kevin Guo

Nvidia becomes the most valuable company in the world

Chipmaker Nvidia just topped Microsoft in becoming the most valuable company in the world. Today, Nvidia shares went up 3.2%, which brought the company to a $3.33 trillion market cap. A way to visualize Nvidia’s rapid ascent is that they haven’t even been added to the Dow Jones Industrial Average yet.

Warren Buffet Buys 29% of Occidental Petroleum

Warren Buffet, one of the world’s best investors, has been buying shares of Occidental Petroleum for the past 9 days. He purchased around 7.3 million shares. Now, Warren Buffet’s conglomerate, Berkshire Hathaway, owns over 255 million shares of Occidental Petroleum, good for 28.8%. Buffet has said that he won’t take control of the company but will remain a primary shareholder.

Fisker files for bankruptcy

EV start-up Fisker files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Fisker hoped for a big company to invest in them, but that never happened. Just 4 months ago, a very well-known tech YouTuber, Marques Brownlee, reviewed the Fisker Ocean EV. The title of his video was “This is the Worst Car I’ve Ever Reviewed.” Brownlee’s video seems to have foreshadowed Fisker’s bankruptcy. Fisker was mainly started because of low interest rates and the astonishing rise of Tesla. Henry Fisker (founder and CEO) wanted to break into the EV market and see if he could become successful.

Nvidia becomes worth more than the stocks of Germany, France, and UK

Earlier, Nvidia ascended to the top and became the most valuable country in the world. Because of their $3.3 trillion valuation, they are now worth more than each of the three independent European markets. France is worth around $1.5 trillion, the UK is worth around $2 trillion, and Germany is worth around $1.4 trillion. Surprisingly, Nvidia is even worth more than the stock markets of France and Germany combined. According to Deutsche Bank, only India, China, America, and Japan have bigger stock markets than Nvidia. Furthermore, to put the growth of the technology into perspective, just 14 years ago, the S&P 500 was worth $10 trillion. Now, Nvidia, Apple, and Microsoft are almost worth $10 trillion.

Zilch Raises $125 Million

British firm Zilch said it raised $125 million from German bank Deutsche Bank. This deal will help Zilch triple sales and hit the public market soon. Zilch is a buy now pay later company, and they source their installments and loans from Goldman Sachs. However, the company’s CEO has stated that Deutsche Bank will give more flexibility and better client experiences. The buy now pay later market seems tough to break. Affirm is a pretty successful buy now pay later company, but just recently, Apple announced it will discontinue its buy now pay later services.

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